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Golden Tulip® Paving Slab Mold

Golden Tulip® Paving Slab Mold

Estimated Price: £9.95
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This golden tulip paving slab mold is made to mold your saving stones. Made from ABS not made from recycled material. With a size of 42.5x42.5x4cm and weighing 1kg. This mold is or a black design with a 9 chamber system suitable for cement concrete plaster mix.

In 3 steps.

1. Fill the mold with cement.

2. Smooth the surface.

3. Remove the mold away.


Ideal mold for anyone looking to create patterned paving stones for garden use.


1.The product size maybe not accurate as we are manual measurement.

Package Included

1X Mulch film

1 x English manual


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